You Do Not Have to Do Scrapping on a Large Scale to Make Some Decent Money

My brother-in-law is an electrician. All day long he gets small scraps of copper wire from working. I asked him if it would be a problem to just throw it in a box. I told him I would empty it every day since he lives right next door to us. Instead of a box, he uses a 5-gallon bucket. He said he has to clean up the scraps anyway, so it is easy. I asked him to do this because the price of copper per pound is usually quite high. However, you get more money for clean copper than you do for wire that has the insulation on it.

That is why I sit at home when we are watching TV or just lounging about and strip the insulation off of the wire scraps. I then roll up the bare copper and put it in a plastic barrel I have in the garage. When the barrel was full, I had 800 pounds of copper. I got $1,600 for that barrel of copper scraps. I used the money to buy that tablet computer my brother wanted and got my wife a really nice gift for her birthday. There was even some left over for me to get something for myself.

It did not take long to fill up that barrel. My brother has been working a commercial job, and I already have 40 pounds of scrap wire in just a couple of weeks. He is very accurate and conservative on his wire cuts too. He is not cutting extra for me as that would be wrong. He says he gets a lot of the scrap pieces cleaning up after the other guys who are not as accurate in their wire cutting. They don’t care if he picks up their scraps because no one actually saves them but him. Getting close to two grand for scrap pieces of wire is a good haul for leisurely work in your downtime.