Why Renovate a House when You Can Just Lease an Apartment and Move when You Want Something Different?

I have always liked the advantages of living in an apartment. You do not have to replace shingles or cut grass. If you live up north, you don’t even have to shovel any snow. No worries about that down here in Atlanta, but you get the point. I know there is no equity earned, but there is no risk of problems putting you underwater for a mortgage either. I have lived in apartments since I went to college, and now I went to visit site properties for a new place. To me, this is the biggest benefit of apartment living. If you get weary of your old place, just move when your lease is up.

I had grown weary with my old place, and I wanted to move to a bigger space. I wanted to have an office at home, and a two bedroom place would let me be able to telecommute three days per week at my job. If I had a house, I may have to do renovations or some other sort of thing to accommodate what I needed. One thing that got me to pick the place I did at The Pad on Harvard is that they have Google fiber Internet service. I need the high-speed Internet access for telecommuting. I just got approved for it, and I needed to report how I was going to connect the computer system they would provide.

Being able to report that I lived in an access controlled building was even better. They are a bit touchy about data security, and I can understand that. We do deal with some sensitive client information that I would not want getting out if it was me. Anyway, I leased a two bedroom space at The Pad in midtown Atlanta. It is not far from where I work, and I can get to work in person and telecommute very easily. This is the change I needed for my living space and my job.