Very Affordable Power Rates in Philly

I needed to cut my household expenditures, which was what led me to investigating electric companies in Philadelphia, due to my wife losing her position at the company where she worked for many years. Since she’s a few years away from retirement, it’s going to be impossible for her to find a comparable job with a similar salary. We needed to save money quickly even though her severance package would keep us afloat for the next several months. We cut the cord on cable television, dropped our newspaper subscription, and sold one of our cars, but I knew we could do more.

A friend suggested going online to investigate switching power companies. He did something similar a year or so ago and couldn’t believe how much he saved on his monthly bill. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized you could actually switch power companies. We’ve been with the same company for decades and really I thought they were the only game in the city. But sure enough my friend was right. You can shop for other options and the website I used made the process easier than I thought possible.

The number of options staggered the mind. Still, I didn’t think we would save all that much money. They’re probably all playing the same game and likely have a behind the scenes deal to keep the rates on an even keel. They simply couldn’t afford to have someone come into the state and start low balling everyone else. Apparently I was wrong as I saw a significant difference in what it would cost to light our home. I’m going to sign on and save a lot of money, but I’ve been kicking myself over the fact that I could have done this years ago and saved a real bundle of cash.