The Reasons We Chose a Vinyl Floor

The house my husband and I bought a year ago needed some renovations done to it before we were able to move in. We are both busy with our jobs, so we knew we were going to hire professionals to do all of it. We needed a plumber and electrician to update everything, and we also hired a company to install flooring in several rooms. I wanted the same type of flooring throughout the house instead of the mismatched carpeting in there. I searched for vinyl flooring for kitchen and living room areas, hoping to find a floor that was reasonably priced as well as durable and easy to maintain.

I did my homework before choosing vinyl as the material for our floor. I was not sure at first, nor was my husband, on the type of flooring that we wanted. All I knew was that I did not want carpeting, but that still left a lot of floor choices. After researching tile, wood, vinyl and others, I knew that vinyl was the right choice. The biggest reason for this choice was because of the price. Even with professional installation, the cost was not as much as we thought it would be.

Cost was not the only reason we went with vinyl flooring though. The look was important too, and we both thought the look was right up there with the most costly floor choices. I would not have something inferior put in the house just because it was cheaper, so this checked both of those boxes. Also, it is easy to clean, which is huge for two people who are always on the go. I clean my own house, and I want to keep that as simple as I possibly can. It was nice to finally be able to move in once all the renovations were done.