The Perfect Living Arrangements for Us

My friend and I decided to get an apartment together for at least a few years so we could each put a huge dent in our student aid loans. We have opposite shifts and days off, so we knew that we would rarely be at the apartment at the same time, which we both knew would keep us friends since both of us have strong personalities. We each started looking at two bedroom apartments for North Charleston. One of the requirements was that we needed two bathrooms, because there was no way I was sharing a bathroom with a guy friend and he felt the same way about sharing a bathroom with a girl.

We found the perfect apartment at Edgewater Plantation. When he showed me the floor plan for it, I knew that it was the one, even without going there in person yet to see it with my own eyes. He said he felt the same way. When you first walk in, there is a coat closet and small foyer. Going further in, his bedroom is immediately to the left with his bathroom right past it. It is also the guest bath, but we never have anyone over, so it is his private bath.

If you go all the way to the other side, my bedroom is there. There is a private bath as well as a huge walk in closet. He has one too, but mine is bigger, since I have a lot more things to put in mine. There is a small den by my room too, and we use that as a home office base. There is a dining room and living room in the middle, and the kitchen and laundry room are off to one side. There is a deck on the opposite side, and we usually find ourselves out there on those rare times we are both home. This really is the perfect arrangement for the two of us.