The Dog Really Likes It

Usually I like to buy my dog treats from the local pet sore, but occasionally I’ll try to make my own using various recipes that I find on the Internet. These recipes usually result in something that my dog will take one look and sniff ant, and then decided that he doesn’t want to eat it. My dog isn’t very picky about food, but he can be when it comes to things that I make. I thought I would never make something that my dog would like, but then I found, and I was able to make something that my dog ate in less than 10 seconds.

The website showed me a treat that I could make for my dog using yogurt. I never figured that yogurt would be a good idea to put in doggy treats, but apparently it worked for this particular recipe. I followed the instructions and put the treats in the oven. While they were baking, my dog noticed the smell of the treats and walked over to the oven to watch it. His tail was wagging back and forth and he looked as if he was hypnotized. It was like the dog couldn’t wait to get his mouth on the treats.

Once the treats were done, I put them on top of the stove to cool off. The dog kept trying to jump up and grab one of the treats, but the top of the stove was much higher than he could jump. An hour later, I gave one of the treats to my dog, and disappeared almost instantly. He loved them so much, so I decided to give him another treat. I put the rest of the treats away in the cabinet so that my dog wouldn’t eat them all. I only make those treats for him now.