The Choice is out of My Hands

Moving into Parc Esta was my brother’s choice after he had been looking around Singapore for various places that would be a great spot to live. I wasn’t really interested in the whole search that he was doing, and told him that I would accept whatever place that he thought was the best. This is generally my attitude to everything when it comes to my brother, and my brother doesn’t really like it. He wants me to have a more active role in choosing things that we both have to use. After seeing the place that my brother chose, I was glad that he did the decision making.

After moving into the complex, my brother asked me where I wanted to for dinner, and I told him the same thing that I always tell him. This time, he wasn’t accepting that answer. He told me to pick something from the available places or we wouldn’t be going out. After making a choice, my brother questioned why I wanted to go to that place, as if I had selected the wrong answer. I don’t know why he would even ask me to choose something if he wasn’t going to accept the choice I made. We ended up going to the restaurant that I chose and dinner was fine.

After dinner, we wanted to do something to entertain ourselves, so we had the option of watching a movie at home, swimming in the pool, or going to a local night spot. I knew my brother was going to make me choose again, so this time I just volunteer that we go swimming, and my brother was fine with that. I enjoyed swimming, and making choices for things isn’t all that bad, but I would still prefer that my brother handle most of them.