Spacious and Comfortable Condos at New Futura

When I started looking at condos last year, I thought it would be a quick process to pick out the one that I liked best. The only reason I thought it would be a speedy process is because of the sheer number of condo developments that are constructed annually in Singapore. However, it turned out to be a much longer search than I had anticipated because I was always finding something major wrong with each development I looked at. That changed when I looked at the development project for New Futura Condo in Singapore.

To say I was impressed at first glance just does not do it enough justice. I really liked everything I saw, and I knew that it was quite possible I had found my forever home. I wanted balance with whichever condo I ended up with, meaning I want a nice condo, I want nice community amenities outside, and I want it to be in the best location possible. The New Futura condos definitely fit all three of those requirements. It is located in District 9, which is where I spend probably 95 percent of my time between work, family and friends.

The condos have between two and five bedrooms, and the layout designs for each one are impressive. There is plenty of room to not only live there but to be comfortable too. I have seen some nice condos with very limited space, so I really liked that they are designing comfortable condos here. The outdoor amenities are amazing too, and I knew that I would take advantage of everything that is being offered there. I just had to decide which of the units I wanted to apply for, and then I submitted my application. I cannot wait until I am living there, which hopefully will not be too much longer now!