Singapore’s Fascinating Mixed-Use Building Projects

When I visited Singapore, I saw interesting things. Most people were bilingual. English was a common language there. I was kind of surprised, especially since most of the people I interacted with were Chinese. One of the coolest things I saw there was the building I was staying in. The company I was contracting work for owns a condo in one of the new building projects that is a mixed-use building. There are plenty of examples at The one I was staying at with my family for three months had water separating the building from the outside world. You stepped over little footbridges to get from the sidewalk to the building. The water was actually a very large swimming pool that was long and narrow. The urban area was crowded. There was no room on the property for much in the way of being able to relax outdoors on a lawn under the shade of a tree. However, on the roof of the building I stayed in was a big swimming pool, planted lawns and trees that provided plenty of shade. I never saw anything like that before!

The building is a mixed-use property. That means it has residential condos and businesses in it. The company I was contracting for had offices in the building. There are nice restaurants and places to shop there too. There is even a doctor and a dentist. One could live, work and play and never have to leave the building where he lives. It is an interesting building concept. I was amazed at being able to take an elevator up to a natural area to get some sunshine and just walk barefoot in the grass. Singapore seems to have found a way to provide everything people want and need in the limited land mass area that they have.