Needing More Room for Starting a Family

My wife first brought up Seaside Residences in Singapore after hearing about the apartment complex from a friend who moved there due to problems with her current accommodations. What interested my wife about this place is that they have an extensive number of floor plans, many of which are three bedroom apartments with lots of living space. She was interested because we’ve lived here for a number of years, but we live in a small apartment that isn’t amenable for raising a family. This is important because we’ve decided to start having kids and we knew we needed to upgrade to a bigger place.

Our other option was to move into her parents’ place. Neither of us were excited about that prospect as it would lead to them interfering in our lives as well as an even more cramped living condition than what we were looking at now. So we decided to look into Seaside Residences. I was worried about being able to afford living there, and I was also worried about the location. Is it close to transportation options and shopping and restaurant places? On those latter points a quick perusal of their website quickly revealed there were plenty of neat places near by.

We made an appointment for a walk through and were immediately impressed by pretty much everything. The apartments are fantastic, with plenty of options for different apartment layouts. The staff is great, friendly and very helpful. Even the other tenants we happened to run into seemed friendly and more than one said Seaside is the best place they’ve ever lived in Singapore. We were so sold on the idea of living here that we didn’t have to spend time discussing other options. We made another appointment to come in and sign a lease. We can’t wait to move into our new apartment.