My Problem Was Solved Extremely Quickly

I’ve worked really hard to get to a place in life where I can put the money that I’ve earned to work for me. For a lot of years, I simply socked away as much money as I could. I knew that I needed a way to invest in something to bring in more steady income, so I bought an old apartment building. Before I could rent out units, I needed some work done first. The big surprise was that I learned I would need to have some asbestos removal done right away.

I hired a team of contractors who were doing a great job working on the old building for me. At some point, they pointed out that there had been a lot of water damage. I learned that the past owner was really bad about getting things repaired quickly, and it caused a lot of damage to the ceilings. That is one of my pet peeves about people, when they don’t stay on top of things so that problems don’t grow worse. So, I instructed the workers to start pulling down the drywall ceilings in some of the units so that we could replace them.

After a few hours of the work going pretty smoothly, one of the guys came to me and pointed out that there was a problem. That problem being that he believed that the attic was full of asbestos and now the ceiling had been removed. I immediately called a company that handles removing that kind of thing and asked them to come take a look. This sort of thing is a big deal, so they said they would send someone over within the hour. They confirmed that we would need their removal services, and they got right to work. They had all the work done in just a few days.