My Parents Need Some Cleaning Help

My parents are getting elderly, and I wanted to help them out with some things that are getting harder for them to do. This mostly entails cleaning and some laundry, but I found that this was harder than I had anticipated because of my own busy life. I still did not want them having to worry about it, so the only thing that made sense was to look into home cleaning services for Singapore area residents. I was not sure how much it would cost, so I wanted to look at a few different ones to make sure I was getting a good price with the one that I ended up choosing.

I checked with three different companies that service the area where my mom and dad live, and all three had similar prices. Since I could not go strictly off the prices, I just looked at the websites to see which one offered the services that I was looking for. My parents can still do a lot of things themselves. They are not invalids, but I did want to make life as easy as possible for them. Having someone come in two to three times a week to help with cleaning seemed reasonable to me.

I just needed someone who would dust, run the vacuum, clean their two bathrooms, and a few other odds and ends. When I looked at one of the packages offered by Rawah Cleaning, I knew that it was perfect for them. I was there the first time the cleaning person showed up, just to make sure my parents were comfortable with this. They befriended the woman rather quickly, and I knew then that this arrangement was going to work out just fine. She has been cleaning their house twice a week for several months now, and my parents absolutely adore her.