Moving in to My New Place This Week

Jane and I bought this house about six or seven weeks ago, but it was not ready to live in when we bought it. We had to get some work done before it was ready. Aside from that the kids are still in school and we decided there was no reason to pull them out in the middle of the year. Of course we decided that we could dump the cable company and we used this resource to try to figure out what we could pay for direct TV. Of course I want to get the big sports package, but that is not really going to happen. We got the mini van, the pick up truck, the kids and the house and all of that stuff needs insurance. The kids have to have health insurance, the cars have to car insurance and the house has to have insurance on it

At any rate we are not going to be spending any extra money on any stuff like that since we do not have a big need for it. In fact you do not need to pay for TV at all. The kids probably expect you to have it, but you could do okay without any cable if you tried hard enough. You would have to plan stuff out ahead of time and it would be less simple than turning on the TV and flipping the channels until you found something. In fact if you know the way around the Internet you can find almost any program or movie you might want, although it is going to be legally problematic in very obvious ways. It is not like you can steal any movie or TV show just like that, but it is not that hard to find them if you know where to look.