Mom and I Are Living Together Again

My mom had lived on her own for nearly ten years before she fell and hurt her hip and leg. While she can still get around now that has went through months of therapy, she told me she was no longer able to live on her own. She was talking about living in an assisted living apartment, but we both knew she would not be happy in one of them. Before telling her anything, I did a search for two bedroom apartments for rent in Rio Rancho NM. I was only living in a one bedroom apartment, so there was just no room for her to live with me.

However, I knew that if I moved into a larger apartment, then we would both be able to share it. My mom and I are more like friends than mom and daughter, because it has just been the two of us for so long. I was actually excited about the thought of the two of us living together since we spend a lot of time together anyway. I have often had people tell me they wish they had such a good relationship with heir moms, which is a huge compliment!

I was able to find a really nice two bedroom apartment that I knew we would both like. When I showed it to her, she loved it at first sight. We each have our own bedroom, and there is a large bathroom for both of us too. We each have a walk in closet too, which is really nice. Our living room is huge, and it has a fireplace in the corner, which I knew we would be using a lot. There is a nice kitchen, a small laundry room, a dining room and finally a porch to round things off. It really is nice for us both!