It Looks Like My Boss is Going Under

Of course me and everyone else here were a lot more concerned about how this effected us, but it looks a lot like we are going to just end up answering to a different guy, or perhaps his daughter if I read things right. A Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer and a bunch of accountants spent the other day going through everything in the building, they had me there to help them and I had to give up a Saturday of college football and basketball. At any rate they were obviously trying to figure out what the place was worth, but after a bit I sort of wondered if there was some sort of under the table deal going on. The problem from the beginning has been that the boss was way too eager to bend the rules, he has been since the day he took over from his father who took a completely different approach.

Like so many people he was eager to get rich quick, which seems odd when you realize that all he had to do to get rich was not screw things up. Obviously he probably had bigger numbers in mind when he thought about what rich meant. The IRS has been up in his business for a couple of years and it seems to me that he was doing exactly the sort of thing that attracts their attention. It is really foolish when you look at the way that I do, but of course I never take any chances with my taxes and a lot of people do and get away with it. It looks to me like he has a different scheme going on now, but I can not quite figure out what it is. The bankruptcy is almost like a clean slate if you do it right.