I Wanted to Live There Too

I was online when I read an email that said to click here. I normally don’t do things like that because of viruses and all that fun stuff, but this was from a very good friend of mine. He wanted to show me where he was now living, but he is not the type to take pictures. So, instead, he just sent me the link for the apartment website. I am actually glad he did that though because it gave me a chance to see everything about where he lives.

That is not a good thing because I wanted to know everything about him. That is actually laughable, because I think I do anyway, we are that close. It was a good thing because I really liked everything about it and thought it might be a good place for me to move to as well. The name of the complex is City Park View, and it really is one of the nicest complexes I have seen for apartments. I knew it was a lot nicer than the one I was living in at the time. I have a feeling that is why he sent me the link, so I would have to look at everything.

When I asked him what he was paying for his one bedroom unit, I was pretty surprise. I figured it would not be cheap, but I thought it would be a lot more than what he told me, especially for being right there in the city. That just piqued my interest even more, and I went there to visit him just a few days later. The appeal was very strong, and I decided to fill out the application and start the process of becoming a city fellow myself. I have been here a few months now, and it is still the best idea I have had in a long time.