I Patiently Waited for an Available Apartment

It was a no brainer for me on where I wanted to get an apartment at. I had been keeping an eye on 464 Bishop for several months, waiting for the apartment that I really wanted to become available. As soon as it did, I quickly filled out a rental application to be put on the list for it. Of all the westside Atlanta luxury apartments, this is the only one that I wanted to live at. It is right in the middle of the things I enjoy, and I was willing to be patient in order to live there.

One of the reasons I wanted to live here is because of all the things that are included in the apartment that I now have. The ceilings are huge, and the doors are eight feet tall. There are ceiling fans throughout, but that is not the best. My bath has a garden tub as well as a regular shower stall, so I have the best of both worlds. If I come home and want to soak in a long hot bath, I just get in the garden tub. If I am wanting to be quick, I get in the shower. I use both about the same!

I also have a private patio that is quite large. I have a small table and chair set out there, and I also have a lounger and small table next to it. I sometimes take my meals out there just to enjoy the privacy of eating outdoors, and sometimes I will lay in the lounger and read a good book. I honestly feel so spoiled living here, but there is nothing I would change about it. This is the nicest place I have ever lived, and I hope that I can say that for a long time to come.