I May Move to North Dallas

It is not exactly ideal, but I have found a pretty good deal on a place for me to live while I finish up my graduate studies at SMU. Another of the teaching assistants approached me with the idea. He and another guy had an apartments in far North Dallas, but they knew that there was a three bedroom apartment in the same complex that was available. The math on this is pretty good for me and them. If you share a two bedroom apartment then there is going to be around a forty percent discount over what it costs to have a place on your own. If you have a three way split, then the bottom line is that you pay about forty percent of that single bedroom rent, so every month the cost to you is less than half of that. Obviously I have to like that idea, but the issue is two fold.

The first thing is that we are not familiar with any of the two guys really. I know that the one of them is a TA like I am, so that means that perhaps we can car pool to the university on occasion. It is a serious mater because you are going to be stuck with them once you move in. That is not so big of a deal to be honest, but only because my name is not going to be on the lease. If it were then that is going to be something where I could get stuck with the entire bill for the rent if they vanished on me. At any rate the location is not very good for me either, mostly because my girlfriend lives on the opposite side of the city. Getting to school and back is not that huge of a problem.