I Have to Be in Manila Next Week

It has been hectic around here for the past few days. At the start of the week I was busy at my desk when they called me up and told me to go up the stairs for an urgent meeting. It turned out that the company has an emergency in Manila, and I am going to be sent there for as long as it takes to fix things, along with half a dozen others. So right now I am trying to find someone to do post tenancy cleaning in Singapore, because I definitely want to get the security deposit back from the landlord, I am going to be ready to leave in three days. So that means that I have nearly no time to handle my personal affairs. The company is going to give me a stipend to pay the expenses of it, but that does not mean I want to walk away from the security deposit. I took all of the valuable things over to my parents place and told them to hold onto them, but the furniture is another matter.

I gave away the couch and got rid of the mattress. This friend of mine took the bed frame and told me that it was better than what she had. Of course there are lots of things I just do not need and so I invited my neighbors to come over and told them it was first come first served. Obviously there is always a strong market for free stuff, even if most of it was not particularly valuable. There are some things left over, after all most people have all of the stuff that they can fit in the place where they live and do not need other stuff unless it is better than what they already have.