I Have a New Life Now

I am not the type of person to let someone else take advantage of me. The first time my husband hit me was also the last time he hit me. I refused to be a victim, and I started the process to move out and start a new life. I didn’t even want to be in the same state as him, so I looked for the best apartments in Kingsport Tennessee online. My best friend moved there when she got a new job, and she told me that I would have no problem getting a good job there too.

She let me stay with her until my interview, since I started to apply for jobs right away. I had an interview in just a few days, and a week later was my first day on the job. I loved it, and I knew that I had to get my own apartment to feel better about everything that had gone on. What really surprised me the most was how inexpensive some of the apartment complexes are. It is not a depressed area at all, so I was happy to see that the rent was going to be affordable no matter where I chose to live.

I looked at several different complexes, and I really liked everything that Country Shores was offering. I knew that I would use the community amenities, such as the pool, but I was mostly interested in the apartment itself. I just needed a one bedroom unit, because I knew that I would never have overnight guests. The one bedroom and one bath unit that I got is perfect for me, and they even pay some of the utilities even though the rent is already so low. I moved in the same week I looked at it, and life is finally starting to feel normal again.