I Had Two Dates for the Fight

I’m a big boxing fan, and every time there is a boxing match on television, I’ll watch it. I used to pay for the pay per view matches, but they were too expensive for my liking. I figured if I had to pay that much each time for a boxing match, I could just spend the money to see the match in person and have a better experience. I did exactly that last month. One of my favorite boxers was having a match, so I paid for tickets to the match, along with two Asian escorts in Las Vegas to be my dates.

I placed a bet on my favorite boxer to win his match. He has a pretty good record of wins, with only a few loses over his entire career. His opponent was a strong one, but I knew that he would be able to defeat him. He’s gone up against some of the best fighters that have ever boxed, and has been able to last multiple rounds with them and come out on top. I wanted to look good for the match, so I brought my suit with me to Las Vegas. The escorts wore elegant dresses.

The escorts and I had good seats that let us see all of the action. The escorts both had their arms around me while we were at our seats. As the fighters walked out to the ring, they had their own intro music. The fight started and the boxers traded blows with each other many times per round. As the punches from each boxer landed, they sounded better than they did on television. The fight went the total number of rounds and it ended with a knockout by my favorite boxer. The escorts and I spent the rest of the night partying in celebration.