I Had My Silver Fillings Replaced

One of the things that used to bother me were my silver fillings. I didn’t have the best oral hygiene when I was a kid, and I had several cavities as a result. When I used to smile, if it was really wide like when I laugh, those silver fillings were so obvious. My family loves to videotape family get togethers, so I had seen plenty of my laugh to hate it. I decided that I was going to consult with a cosmetic dentist in Denver to see if there was anything that could be done about it.

I have a really good job that offers nice dental benefits with it, but I honestly didn’t care if I had to pay cash up front for this, that is how much it bothered me. I went to Dr. Ricci after my cousin told me he was the best, and it helps that I was able to read about the tooth colored fillings that they do there. I wasn’t sure how painful it would be to remove a silver filling and replace it with a filling that is the same color as my tooth, but I was still pretty excited about having this done.

I like that the filling is applied directly to the tooth instead of how the old fillings were applied. This meant that I probably would not have to go in and have a filling redone like I have had in the past. The initial examination was great, and I got a good report on my dental hygiene as an adult. He also told me that it would not take very long to replace the fillings, and he could do them all in one visit. When I smile now, people no longer see silver through my mouth, and that makes me happy!