I Found a Way to Eat Healthy Food when I’m in a Time Crunch

Working long hours has caused me to gain a lot of weight. I don’t have time to spend a lot of time cooking when I have important projects that need to be turned in each day. I was promoted to district manager last year, and it keeps me really busy. I complained to my secretary, and she pointed out that I could go on the Nutrisystem diet plan to lose the pounds because you do not need to spend any time cooking your own meals at all. She said that her husband did it and he lost 60 pounds in just six months.

My secretary is a lifesaver. She keeps me up to date on a lot of things. She goes over and above to get things done for me. I often do not have to ask her for extra help. She just sees what I need help with and she then offers to do it for me. Knowing how little time I have each day because of the long hours that I work, she signed me up to the Nutrisystem website and picked out all of the foods that she thought that I would like. She has been working with me for five years, so she has a good idea of what things that I eat on a regular basis.

Days after my secretary made the order, a big box with food for one month showed up at the office. She pulled out all of the breakfast and lunch meals and stored them in the office pantry. Then, she put all the dinner meals back in the box and told me to take them home so that I could eat them each night at home. All I need to do is to pop them into the microwave and they are ready to eat in just minutes.