I Found a Place Right on the Water

This guy I know from work told me about the place and he told me that it was really close to the office, except that you had to cross water to get here as quickly as possible. I checked out the web page first, and it has a great pool as you can see if you click here to check it out. The place is a lot nicer than I was expecting and obviously that means that it also costs more than I would like it to cost. That really is not as big of a deal though, since this guy was looking for a roommate and this makes it a lot easier to make the rent. From past times looking at prices I know that you generally end up paying about three fifths as much for a place you share as you would pay for a place where you live alone. It is around two fifths as much if you get three roommates, but that adds a bigger layer of complexity to the situation.

The obvious thing is that you want to be able to count on the other person to come through on their part of the bargain. It is going to be a big deal which is obvious, but there are going to be all sorts of ways where you can run into rocky ground with the other person. For instance you go to the grocery store and you buy a six pack of beer and a quart of premium ice cream. You probably would not mind if the other person drank a beer and ate a couple of scoops of the ice cream, but you might feel differently if he drank all the beer and ate all of the ice cream. That is not really a small thing if the money came from your pocket.