Home is Where the Heart is

I knew that I was going to have to start looking for my own place. There are apartments for rent in Lewisville TX that I know would be good for my family and I but finding just the right one was important for me. We have two kids and want them to have their own rooms. We have a boy and a girl and I knew that it was important for them to have their own privacy. I used to have to share a room with my sister when I was a kid and I remember thinking that I never had any private time unless I was in the bathroom. There are a lot of rentals that we liked but they did not have the three bedrooms that I knew would suit our family. Some of the rentals were also in really good school areas, but I was willing to sacrifice that if it meant that we could have the third bedroom for the kids.

I was working a lot of overtime to make sure that I could save up for the first and last month’s rent. I knew that I was also going to have to save something for a security deposit. When I saw how much money I was going to have to put down for our rent, it gave me the motivation to go out and work. I ended up getting a second part time job so that I could make sure that I was going to be able to still run my house and save money at the same time. It was a few months of long days and not on a lot of sleep. I knew that it was going to be worth it when I told my kids that they were going to have their very own rooms.