Help for My Sister with Acne Scarring

My sister ended up with a bad case of acne due to what seemed to be hormonal imbalances during puberty. She used medications and was under the care of a doctor, but she ended up with some acne scarring. You would not recognize her now if you knew her back when the acne was bad. All that red infected skin is gone. Now there is just some scarring. She has a beautiful face, so my parents got her to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore to get rid of the acne scars. My sister has that symmetry in her face that is movie star beauty. The only thing that would get in the way of her being a model would be the scars. With those gone, she would be nothing less than stunning.

She has lived with the acne so long that the scarring is just another issue to deal with. The aesthetic medical clinic is really helping her with getting rid of the acne scarring. She is young, and her skin is still able to heal quickly and regenerate, so the treatments will work even better. I can notice a huge difference. I have been taking pictures of her progress. Everyone is noticing how different she is looking. It is night and day from when she used to have the acne. She had it so bad that it was painful for her. Plus, the topical treatments she was using would sometimes burn and make her healthy skin irritated.

I am glad all that is over with. I used to feel so bad for her as I had no problem with acne. I may have gotten one or two pimples as a teenager. Her face had bumps and redness everywhere. I am glad that the aesthetic medical clinic is really helping her remove the acne scars.