Hats off to SEO Companies

My first online business was quite the learning experience. I started the business to sell hats that I created. I even offered customers the ability to order custom made hats. I wasn’t getting enough customers to cover the cost of having the business. The initial experience left me a little distraught. I thought my business would fail and I would be left with nothing but debt and embarrassment. A friend suggested that I look into hiring an SEO firm to give myself more customers. That’s when I found Algorhythm SEO from a quick web search, a company that would help me turn the tide.

Hiring an SEO company was the best idea my friend ever had. The company knew just what to do to get more attention to my business. They used keywords and links to get my website on the front page of search engine results. Before I hired the company, I was lucky enough to even make the first 10 search pages, and even then, I could never consistently do it. After hiring them, I moved up page by page, and more people checked out my website. They weren’t just window shoppers either. These people actually purchased products.

I started to get more custom orders along with the regular orders, and was starting to have trouble keeping up with them. I enlisted the help of my brother in making the custom orders. He helps me in cutting and measuring the materials to make the hats. I do all of the sewing, assembly, and shipping the orders. For now things are under control, but if more orders come in than we can handle, I’ll have to hire another person. I prefer to keep it in the family, but I’m not against hiring someone from the outside, as long as they’re qualified.