Experienced Realtor Can Close the Deal

Everything fell into place after my husband and I visited www.douglaskerbs.com while researching ways to move our Denver area home. We had spent a lot of time talking with various people in the real estate industry about our home and our plans to sell it. We also discussed the price we wanted for our home. We both agree that we are asking a lot of money, but we think it’s worth the price and besides we are selling our memories as well as the house. None of the people we talked to thought the price was reasonable.

Not only did they not think it was reasonable, several flat out said it was too much and that we would have to come down a lot for them to even consider taking our property on. We didn’t like their tone or their insinuations that we were trying to overcharge. We sat down and went over our home’s selling points and again agreed that we should likely get what we wanted from it. The location is excellent, it’s a beautiful home well cared for by the both of us, and it’s in a high end area where houses sell like hot cakes.

So when we stumbled over Doug Kerbs. he seemed to fit exactly what we were looking for in a realtor. He’s known for selling any type of property, and more importantly he gets the deal done at the asking price or even above asking price. When we sat down with him we were impressed with his demeanor and seriousness. Never once did he question what we wanted, and he practically guaranteed he would come through for us. Not only did he deliver, he got the deal done in a week. I think it was the second couple who looked at the house who paid us what we wanted!