Helping Hand with Party Entertainment

I recently had to help plan a bar mitzvah with my friend. She asked me to help because she knew I would be the perfect person to help find her the perfect bar mitzvah entertainment. I had a lot of ideas and went through some of them with her, She loved the ideas and told me that she knew that I was the perfect person to ask. I’m kind of the life of the party at events.

Some of the ideas were not good, I can admit that. I know a few bar mitzvahs that had a hypnotist and those never work out as well as the idea of having them is. They can be fun, but with the right crowd. So if someone suggests that, makes sure that the party isn’t more formal with the guests. Some see bar mitzvahs as the party and some see it more as a social event. The same thing for magicians. I have seen some stellar magicians, and I have seen some that I think I could have done better than. Be sure to research the magician before you hire then. Most will put up videos on social media so you can have a better idea of their act and if it is appropriate for your party. A good rule of thumb for me is if I can’t find videos of their act, I don’t bother hiring them.

Some of the more fun ideas that I had were dance parties with a hired DJ. DJs can be expensive, but I’ve found that there is always someone in the family who dabbles in being a DJ. We had a cousin who had been making his own mixes of songs and was pretty good. We asked if he wanted to do it, and he loves to DJ parties and was willing. Of course, be sure to pay them if they are family or friends.They might do it for a discount, but always pay appropriately. In the same line as this, we hired a flash mob to come in and perform a dance routine. We didn’t even have a large budget, but you can always find a dance team to do a flash mob!

These were just a handful of ideas that were good and were bad that I helped my friend with. The bar mitzvah entertainment ended up being a huge hit with everyone there!