Past Work Done Caused Current Problem

Imagine living in the cool air of an HVAC, only to have it start to smell like smoke and quit! That is exactly what happened to my system last year. I had no idea what to do other than to call and find someone who did HVAC repair in New York. I was also looking for someone that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Searching the internet, I found a repair man and contacted him as soon as possible, when he came he was shocked at what he found!

In the winter, my HVAC system started to act up. It was making a cranking metal on metal sound and then would start to smell like smoke. I know from the past experiences that sometimes when the system hasn’t been used a lot on the heat setting it will make the air smell like something is burning for a minute or so but it’s not a big deal. This was different, it smelled stronger and for longer. I immediately turned off the system and started looking for a repair man that can come fast. Everyone I contacted couldn’t come for another week. I didn’t have that kind of time! When I finally contacted a repair man that I had found on the internet, he said he’d be right over.

When he arrived, I showed him the system and explained what was going on. I told him what I knew about the system, which wasn’t much, but he was able to take the cover off and explore the inside. A few minutes later, he told me “I’ve never seen this issue before. Have anyone ever came and fixed this before?” I told him a few years ago, I had called someone to look at it and they fixed the cooling on it. He said “Well, I don’t think they fixed it.” He showed me 2 wires electrical taped together and said “This might be the problem.” He cut the wires and put in a whole new wire and when we went in and turned on the heat and tested the air, the whole thing worked perfectly!