Big Ideas from Something Small

Being the owner of a small company is challenging, but it’s also rewarding. I started this company with my own two hands, and I’m proud of the progress that I’ve made with it. When I got my first sale with a client, it was a satisfying experience and even framed the sales receipt and put it in my office. Although my team of workers is small, each one has a dedicated role that they take a lot of pride in doing. I even have a secretary that I obtained from corporate secretarial services, and she couldn’t be happier with her role in my company.

Since the company does have such a small size, everyone know each other a little better and when they work, it’s like they’ve a functioning part of a well oiled machine. The workers can all bounce ideas off of each other and they will build and expand upon them until they have something that can really be a benefit to the company. A product that was introduced by the company last fall was created by the brain work of all the workers, and I’m proud of how well it turned out.

The secretary has had her own share of good ideas that have been passed around the workers. These ideas have resulted in the company getting more work done, and saving more money in the process. Given how well the company is doing, even in such challenging times, I expect that we will be able to expand a little. I don’t want to add too many people to the company because it will create a bloat among the workers. Too many people working on projects can lead to a confusing mix of ideas that will only conflict with each other and make something that no one will want.