I May Move to North Dallas

It is not exactly ideal, but I have found a pretty good deal on a place for me to live while I finish up my graduate studies at SMU. Another of the teaching assistants approached me with the idea. He and another guy had an apartments in far North Dallas, but they knew that there was a three bedroom apartment in the same complex that was available. The math on this is pretty good for me and them. If you share a two bedroom apartment then there is going to be around a forty percent discount over what it costs to have a place on your own. Continue reading I May Move to North Dallas

I Have a Summer Job in Greenville

This would not make any sense at all if not for the fact that my aunt is letting me stay with her. She has a pretty nice apartments in Simpsonville SC that has an extra bedroom. She used to have a roommate, but she does not need one since she has a really good job. At any rate she found me the job, which is something like an internship with a local insurance company. Of course I am not really sure that I am interested in this line of work, but the truth is that there does not seem to be any real sense of what you need to do to be qualified for it. I asked the people there what you would do if you wanted to be in this line of work. I mean what courses do you take in college if that is what you were going to do. No one knew the answer, because there really is not one. It is strange to me. Continue reading I Have a Summer Job in Greenville

Updating My New Home is Okay

I have spent so much time looking for just the right house for my cat and I. I am at the age when many of my friends are out and getting married and having kids but I do not want any of that. I have worked very hard to where I wanted to be in my career, and it is just getting started. I do not want to have a wedding anytime soon, but I am ready to move into a new home. I saw a great website that said click here if you want to see some great homes for sale, so I did and I found some really nice places that I think would work for me. I want to put my own mark on my home so I am willing to add some new facets to my house, even flooring.

I know that I can buy a home with great bones and update it. As long as the walls are solid and the floor plan is something that I enjoy, I will be happy to repaint, re-tile, and whatever else will have to be done. I really like the floors with the wide planks. There are a lot of nice type of wood floors and even laminate, that I believe will help me get the look that I am wanting to have in my new home. I do not have any of the skills required to do the work myself, so I will have to hire someone to do the work for me. I am hoping that I will be able to go and ask the local community who they recommend to get some of the work done in my house when I finally find the place that is mine. I know I will know it is for me when I see it.

I Patiently Waited for an Available Apartment

It was a no brainer for me on where I wanted to get an apartment at. I had been keeping an eye on 464 Bishop for several months, waiting for the apartment that I really wanted to become available. As soon as it did, I quickly filled out a rental application to be put on the list for it. Of all the westside Atlanta luxury apartments, this is the only one that I wanted to live at. It is right in the middle of the things I enjoy, and I was willing to be patient in order to live there.

One of the reasons I wanted to live here is because of all the things that are included in the apartment that I now have. The ceilings are huge, and the doors are eight feet tall. There are ceiling fans throughout, but that is not the best. Continue reading I Patiently Waited for an Available Apartment

I Found a Place Right on the Water

This guy I know from work told me about the place and he told me that it was really close to the office, except that you had to cross water to get here as quickly as possible. I checked out the web page first, and it has a great pool as you can see if you click here to check it out. The place is a lot nicer than I was expecting and obviously that means that it also costs more than I would like it to cost. That really is not as big of a deal though, since this guy was looking for a roommate and this makes it a lot easier to make the rent. From past times looking at prices I know that you generally end up paying about three fifths as much for a place you share as you would pay for a place where you live alone. It is around two fifths as much if you get three roommates, but that adds a bigger layer of complexity to the situation. Continue reading I Found a Place Right on the Water

Home is Where the Heart is

I knew that I was going to have to start looking for my own place. There are apartments for rent in Lewisville TX that I know would be good for my family and I but finding just the right one was important for me. We have two kids and want them to have their own rooms. We have a boy and a girl and I knew that it was important for them to have their own privacy. I used to have to share a room with my sister when I was a kid and I remember thinking that I never had any private time unless I was in the bathroom. Continue reading Home is Where the Heart is

I Wanted to Live There Too

I was online when I read an email that said to click here. I normally don’t do things like that because of viruses and all that fun stuff, but this was from a very good friend of mine. He wanted to show me where he was now living, but he is not the type to take pictures. So, instead, he just sent me the link for the apartment website. I am actually glad he did that though because it gave me a chance to see everything about where he lives.

That is not a good thing because I wanted to know everything about him. That is actually laughable, because I think I do anyway, we are that close. Continue reading I Wanted to Live There Too