We Finally Made the Move to an Apartment in Las Vegas

I grew up in a really small town. There was one traffic light. Then, when I got married, we lived in a trailer park. It was quiet and nobody really interacted with or bothered anyone else other than to make small talk. A few years later we looked for Las Vegas Nevada apartments to be closer to where we worked. We wanted a nice place that had all the amenities we would want in a home if we were rich. We looked for things such as a big swimming pool, fitness center and more. We found a place that even has a movie theater.

The move was easy as we had professionals move our stuff. They even helped with unpacking. Settling in was not a problem. Continue reading We Finally Made the Move to an Apartment in Las Vegas

The Location is Perfect for Us

I looked for apartments in Las Vegas, specifically North Las Vegas, after our daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness that required many, many trips to the hospital. Since the hospital she needed to go to is located in that area of the city, we thought it was time to get out of our parents’ basement and find a place to live. We needed a nice apartment complex in a safe area and one that offered lots of amenities. Since we knew we would be going to the hospital several times a week for treatments, we didn’t want to spend all our spare time driving around the city to get stuff done.

My husband did some searching online to see if we could find an affordable place. We’re young and a lot of places just aren’t affordable even though my parents offered to help us out. Continue reading The Location is Perfect for Us