Singapore’s Fascinating Mixed-Use Building Projects

When I visited Singapore, I saw interesting things. Most people were bilingual. English was a common language there. I was kind of surprised, especially since most of the people I interacted with were Chinese. One of the coolest things I saw there was the building I was staying in. The company I was contracting work for owns a condo in one of the new building projects that is a mixed-use building. There are plenty of examples at The one I was staying at with my family for three months had water separating the building from the outside world. You stepped over little footbridges to get from the sidewalk to the building. Continue reading Singapore’s Fascinating Mixed-Use Building Projects

I Needed to Make a Change for the Sake of My Business

I was thinking of getting a new website for awhile, but I did not know if it was worth it. My thinking had been simply that I wanted the page to look better. I didn’t really think of my customers. But I was looking at and really liked some of the examples that they have on their page of work that they have done for clients. I was impressed enough to contact them. That’s when I learned that it is very important that customers see a great page that draws them in. Customers need to see that your online presence matches the type of high quality service that you give them in person. If your page doesn’t look good online, that can really turn off potential customers. That really resonated with me because it made perfect sense.

After that phone call, I took a good look at my page. There were so many things wrong with it. I knew that I could fix some basic things, but who has the time to deal with that type of stuff when you’re busy putting out so many other types of fires with your business? I don’t. But I knew that I needed to take the time to at least look the page over well and think about some things that I would like a professional to handle for me. That didn’t take to long. When I was done, I called the company back and told them that I was ready to hand everything over to them to start working on something new for me.

My new website is fantastic. I feel proud of it. I have now put my URL on all my business cards that I hand out. I have noticed that I’ve gotten a really nice traffic boost since the new web page has gone up. I have even had new customers tell me they found my business after being pointed to the new page.

Needing More Room for Starting a Family

My wife first brought up Seaside Residences in Singapore after hearing about the apartment complex from a friend who moved there due to problems with her current accommodations. What interested my wife about this place is that they have an extensive number of floor plans, many of which are three bedroom apartments with lots of living space. She was interested because we’ve lived here for a number of years, but we live in a small apartment that isn’t amenable for raising a family. This is important because we’ve decided to start having kids and we knew we needed to upgrade to a bigger place.

Our other option was to move into her parents’ place. Continue reading Needing More Room for Starting a Family

Very Affordable Power Rates in Philly

I needed to cut my household expenditures, which was what led me to investigating electric companies in Philadelphia, due to my wife losing her position at the company where she worked for many years. Since she’s a few years away from retirement, it’s going to be impossible for her to find a comparable job with a similar salary. We needed to save money quickly even though her severance package would keep us afloat for the next several months. We cut the cord on cable television, dropped our newspaper subscription, and sold one of our cars, but I knew we could do more.

A friend suggested going online to investigate switching power companies. He did something similar a year or so ago and couldn’t believe how much he saved on his monthly bill. Continue reading Very Affordable Power Rates in Philly