Compact Treadmill Gets Me Moving on Bad Weather Days

My legs feel a lot better when I walk every day. The pain is almost nothing when I get out and go for a nice long walk. My wife and I walk about two miles every day at least. Then we have all of the walking of our daily activities. On bad weather days we still go out, but when it gets really cold or there are thunderstorms we do not go. She uses a recumbent exercise bike, and I end up not doing any exercise. She looked at the best compact treadmills and bought me one to get me moving on those days.

We have limited room in our small house. She knows I like to walk and not row or ride an exercise bike. The compact treadmill was a nice gift. I can walk while she rides on those days that we do not get outdoors to walk. I much prefer being outside. I have a nice raincoat and a nice winter parka. I am ready to go in the rain and cold. However, there are some days that the ice and snow or rain and even heat keep me from doing our daily walk. Now I have an option with the compact treadmill at home. It does not take up much space, and I can walk for miles on it.

My legs felt a little wobbly using it at first. It does not use exactly all of the same muscles I use when walking around town. After a few days of using the treadmill, those extra muscles toned up and I was fine on it. I like warming up on it for a few minutes before we do go for a bicycle ride outdoors. I like real bicycles that go places, but I do not like exercise bicycles you ride in place. I am making an exception with the treadmill that takes me nowhere.