Bad Neighbors Motivated Us to Get an ADT Alarm System

Not all crimes make the news. Some neighbors just take the loss. They never even turn in anything to their insurance companies. In fact, some neighbors even know who committed the crimes against them but will not call the police. After finding out from other neighbors about the rash of criminal activity, we decided to call our local ADT home security system provider. We got our house set up with not only the perimeter and motion detecting sensors, but we made sure we got the smoke and carbon monoxide protection too. That is a good enough reason to get an alarm system even if you do not have any crime at all in your area. Fire is not discriminating. It can attack anywhere. So can colorless and odorless carbon monoxide.

However, our motivating factor for getting an ADT alarm system was the crime. Garages and homes were being broken into. Small items that can easily be carried off are being taken. Only one neighbor reported it to the police. He even told the police who he strongly suspected of the crime. However, nothing can be done without evidence. We have one very bad family living on our block. The kids are out of control. We are trying to wait them out hoping they will just leave, but the wait has been long.

We know they are breaking in and stealing things while people are at work, on vacation or just out to dinner. We try to keep an eye on each other’s places, but we cannot see everything. We have learned to not leave our garage doors open even during a summer day when you are out cutting the grass. It takes less than a minute for an expensive tool to come up missing. The kids are locking up their bicycles when they go to visit friends. We leave nothing in our cars at night. We cannot afford to move, and you never know what you will get anyway. So, we just are waiting them out while having a security system to help get them to choose easier targets elsewhere.