Apartments Prices from Brook Highland Place

I think that I have found the next place that I am going to live with my girlfriend, and maybe soon to be fiancee. I do not know when I want to pop the question, but I would like to ask her to marry me at some point. Anyway, I need to find an apartment for us to live in, and I am looking at,, as it seems like it would be a good place for us to live. I have actually been there before, and I like how they have things set up. It is nicer than some of the other places I have been before, and I think that it is on our price range, so I am going to check that out some more. I do not know exactly how much the apartments cost though, and that is fairly important, because my girlfriend and I have been trying to put together a budget for living together. It is going to be pretty important to monitor all of our expenses as carefully as we can. That will ensure that we do not spend too much, and are able to save up some of our earnings. We are planning on buying a house some day, and that means that we need to try to save up money to put towards a house in the form of a down payment. It will probably take years, and that is all the more the reason to start now. It does limit our choices when it comes to an apartment though, and I really hope that we will be able to afford a place at this complex. I would like to take a tour, and look at the rooms, because I understand they have a few different options that are available to choose from, and that the pricing differs between rooms.